AZZ Nuclear | NLI

Your single source for engineered equipment and services

AZZ Nuclear | NLI is the largest third-party supplier of equipment solely focused on the nuclear industry. Engineering, design, manufacturing, testing and qualification are all performed in AZZ Nuclear | NLI’s 200,000-square-foot state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facility located in Fort Worth, Texas. In addition to third-party supply, AZZ Nuclear | NLI is also an OEM for certain equipment types, a manufacturer of other equipment, and routinely dedicates commercially available products. AZZ Nuclear | NLI’s mission is to provide the worldwide nuclear industry with critical and safety-related equipment, equipment maintenance, equipment qualification and engineering services, in a manner that causes the least impact to nuclear plant resources, at the lowest long-term cost, and deliver expeditiously to meet demanding schedules.

Nuclear Equipment Services
With best-in-class testing to ensure operation under worst-case scenarios, AZZ Nuclear | NLI’s Qualification and Dedication programs include thermal aging, radiation testing, EMI/RFI testing, LOCA testing, seismic testing, and software V&V.
Nuclear Equipment Supply
Encompassing thousands of products ranging from electrical, mechanical, Instrumentation and Control, HVAC and even specialty one-of-a-kind items, AZZ Nuclear | NLI supplies the nuclear industry with ‘everything but fuel.
Quality Assurance
Our quality assurance program has become an industry standard, ensuring our products and services meet the most demanding expectations.
Through leading commercial enterprises we provide expanded services and innovative solutions for nuclear facilities.