The power to keep vital industries and their facilities on line.

Bringing together AZZ Electrical, Industrial and Nuclear to form a powerful new partner – AZZ Energy.

With resources and solutions focused on enhancing critical infrastructure, AZZ Energy is the leading provider of specialized products and services designed to support industrial, nuclear and electrical applications. Offering some of the most technologically advanced solutions and engineering resources developed from a legacy of proven, reliable product options, AZZ Energy is ideally positioned to meet the most challenging application-specific demands
to ensure safe, productive facilities.

Industrial Solutions

Exceeding the rigorous requirements of industrial applications

AZZ Industrial services help extend facility life through innovative solutions developed by leading engineering resources and seasoned professionals to address erosion, corrosion and thermal fatigue.

Nuclear Solutions

Nuclear solutions that have become industry benchmarks

With extensive experience partnering with the most recognized names in the nuclear industry, AZZ Nuclear helps facilities run optimally through a comprehensive component and service portfolio.

Electrical Solutions

Helping industries deliver more with advanced electrical products

Safely and effectively supporting infrastructure for multiple sectors including power generation, transmission and distribution, petrochemical, refining, mining and food processing, AZZ Electrical provides highly engineered, application-critical equipment and services for locations around the world.

ISO 9001 Certified