A rich, 30+ year history, steeped in multi-industry applications provides the foundation for WSI’s culture of Safety and Urgency – WSI remains focused on the value-spectrum of our customers: Get the systems back on-line faster, keep them on-line longer and get it done safely.  We also understand that the real value in service delivery relates to flawlessly executing in concert with the adjacent services and activities that occur in a complex project.


Doing things the same old way is not a formula for exceeding the customer’s expectations. That’s why technology has been a key performance driver for the success of WSI. Technology, properly applied can provide options and added value during solution development and implementation. The resulting benefits include enhanced safety, reduced risk and improved productivity with higher quality. That’s how WSI exceeds our customer’s expectations. That’s the WSI commitment.

Service Delivery

A number of service delivery units have been created around the world to fulfill service delivery as appropriate for any particular facility.

Much of our work is logistically coordinated from Corporate Headquarters and production facilities in Norcross, GA with regional support from country-based operations in Alberta, Canada and Brazil, South America. Our European Headquarters, located in The Netherlands with Production facilities in Radom Poland are designated to support our long-established European operations and our expanding Asian penetration. Our affiliated, multi-craft specialty contracting company, AZZ | SMS, specializing in the repairs, upgrades and rebuilds of boilers, HRSG’s and other heat transfer / pressure part systems, serves customers along the Eastern and Gulf Coast States, the Caribbean and South America.

Standardized processes and programs assure you of consistency and high value. With captive talent and substantial resource depth delivered through our various regional units, planned and emergency response capabilities are highly valued by our customers.

Unique Capabilities

To fulfill this role, WSI has invested heavily in an infrastructure of People, Processes and Programs. Our talent base of degreed and advanced degreed engineers provide the intellectual horsepower to adapt technology to many different steps in the analysis of problems, the development of repair design solutions, and the design of unique tooling to help our field implementation forces deliver benchmark quality and productivity. Standardization of many processes and programs, both internally and in the field has distinguished WSI as the leader in safety, quality and productivity benchmarking. 

WSI Europe

WSI Europe

WSI Canada

WSI Canada