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Protecting people and equipment through a commitment to safety and quality

Protecting people and equipment through a commitment to safety that sets the industry standard

For over 50 years, AZZ has been at the forefront of safety with innovative switchgear development. Offering an industry-leading, low-profile design that is Type 2C (2BC) compliant, AZZ arc-resistant switchgear options meet or exceed IEEE, ANSI and NEMA requirements. Available in a wide range of ANSI ratings and configurations, our switchgear features utility-grade, welded, metal-clad assembly for reliability, safety and long service life.

Rigorous testing to ensure superior operation

AZZ arc-resistant switchgear is type-tested to C37.20.7 at a world-class facility to ensure that it is fully compliant. Testing has been completed and results reported by a trusted and certified third-party source, and are available for customer review upon request.

arc-resistant switchgear, AZZ

 Our standard delivers exceptional performance

  • Our wide range of ANSI rating product availability include:
    • Voltages: 5kV and 15kV
    • Continuous currents up to 3000A
    • Interrupting rating up to 40kA
  • Patented nine-point visible door latch with visual confirmation of proper latching
  • Lowest-profile plenum (under 20” high) fits in standard height enclosure and electrical rooms
  • Double-walled switchgear construction
  • Removable roof sections for easy replacement

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