RuggedSpec II Enclosures with ArmArrest

AZZ’s RuggedSpec IITM Enclosures with ArmArrestTM offer the ultimate protection against physical security threats, including armed fire, forced entry, and ominous storms.  Our standard ballistic-rated RuggedSpec II Enclosure with ArmArrest meets UL-752 Level 4 rating, and with the capability to manufacture up to UL-752 Level 8 rating, we can offer many options to best suit your needs. 

Our bullet-resistant enclosures offer protection from grade to ceiling against weapons ranging from small handguns to automatic assault weapons utilizing armor piercing rounds.  Like all of our enclosures, our ballistic buildings are factory fabricated, tested, and assembled prior to delivering it to site.  

AZZ offers flexibility in our design to accommodate all situations.  Our standard construction integrates bulletproof fiberglass panels between our interior and exterior walls, which inherently decreases the chance of ricocheting fire by severely dampening the projectile.  This can help alleviate injuries and damage to adjacent equipment.  Along with the enhanced wall structures, AZZ RuggedSpec II Enclosures with ArmArrest integrate ballistic-rated doors, forced entry hinges, and innovative solutions for areas of vulnerability, like HVAC units, to truly mitigate the risk of security threats to your equipment.

For our utility partners - With infrastructure hardening now becoming a mandate per NERC CIP-014, it is imperative to start looking at the security threats to all of your substations.  AZZ’s RuggedSpec II Enclosures with ArmArrest can help mitigate eminent security risks and help you meet future mandates.


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