AGA Awards: Large Livestock Trailer

Livestock trailers are necessary in the agriculture and livestock industry. They are used daily to transport animals and can suffer considerable damage from overuse and harsh elements if not properly protected.

Usually, these trailers are painted, which leads to chipping and wearing quickly. In the case of one particular trailer to be used along the coast, however, which can be especially harsh on painted steel, a different and more effective method was chosen.

The trailer was manufactured using hot-dip galvanizing, providing a durable and long-lasting coating to give the trailer an extended life with added durability, even in a harsh coastal climate.

This innovative take on large livestock trailers recently won the American Galvanizers Association (AGA) Artistic award for its innovative use of hot-dip galvanizing steel.

AZZ Galvanizing – Houston West took on this critical project, delivering a stunning end result that the owner of the trailer was extremely pleased with.


In order to ensure quality work, the manufacturer and galvanizing representative worked together to prep all the correct products and design. The trailer required an enormous amount of drain and vent holes, which took a lot of fine attention to detail.

Galvanized steel is the premier material for agricultural and livestock architecture and was essential when building the trailer. The product is perfect for coating durability, corrosion performance, ease of specifying and life-cycle cost.

Why the Designer Chose Hot-Dip Galvanizing

The designers chose hot-dip galvanizing because of its sustainability and ability to meet the requirement of a 50-year life with a low maintenance cost.

The farms and road can face harsh natural elements which erode materials. Hot-dip galvanized steel addresses the economic and environmental factors that will make the trailer in great condition for years to come.

Project Recap

The livestock industry is constantly growing to meet new demands. Livestock trailers are an essential product, and this one in particular stands out among the rest.

The trailer’s unique hot-dip galvanized steel coating will protect it for many years past other trailers on the market.

AZZ focuses on creating a stronger, safer world, evidenced by their focus on protecting infrastructure from corrosion. This project was an innovative way to show the possibilities of galvanizing. Learn more about AZZ today by exploring our hot dip galvanizing capabilities