AZZ’s Medium Voltage Metal-Clad Arc-Resistant Switchgear Delivers Unmatched Electrical System Safety

Even the shortest power disruptions or outages can have major adverse business impacts for utilities and industrial manufacturers. Even businesses such as data centers, microchip manufacturers, e-commerce companies, and many more can incur massive losses in business as well as tarnished reputations when operations are unsafe and unexpectedly shutdown. As this unplanned downtime extends, lost revenues increase while reputation continues to decline.

When it comes to power delivery in any distribution system, medium voltage switchgear is one of the most critical components. It combines electrical disconnect switches, fuses, or circuit breakers to enable protection, isolation, and control of electrical equipment downstream. A versatile piece of the electrical system that allows for equipment to be de-energized for safe work and to clear faults downstream, the functionality and reliability of the switchgear is directly linked to the reliability of the electrical power system as a whole.  

With over 60 years of industry leading innovation and manufacturing excellence, AZZ Switchgear Systems delivers industry leading metal-clad arc-resistant switchgear to ensure the safety of the operator and to minimize electrical system downtime in the unlikely event of an arcing fault to help keep utilities and the business they serve up and running.

AZZ’s metal-clad arc-resistant switchgear systems provide top-of-the-line performance and reliability, and are engineered to meet or exceed ANSI, IEEE, NEC, NEMA, and NFPA standards. Built to AZZ’s offering with Type 2C accessibility as defined by the IEEE standard, they have achieved the highest recognized safety standard in the industry for the protection of equipment and personnel. In addition, AZZ’s switchgear solutions come fully tested and accredited by a recognized third party testing facility.  

With a smaller than average footprint, AZZ’s 5kV and 15kV metal-clad arc-resistant switchgear allow for rapid electrical system retrofitting without time-consuming and costly re-engineering. Also offering the lowest profile plenum with a height of less than 20 inches, AZZ’s switchgear fits inside standard sized outdoor enclosures and electrical rooms where others fall short.

Many competitors cannot fit their designs into existing buildings like we can,” explains Paul Snitker of AZZ Inc., “because of our low-profile exhaust plenum, designed specifically to keep our entire design under a typical electrical building ceiling height.”

Equipped with a patented nine-point visible door latch, AZZ’s arc-resistant switchgear reduces the potential for human error by providing a visual confirmation of proper door latching for improved safety performance. Fabricated and pre-assembled in AZZ facilities and delivered to location, AZZ switchgear is rapidly installed to minimize site disruption.

Electrical system safety and reliability are absolute necessities to keep businesses running safely and at peak performance. Implementing arc-resistant switchgear is the smart way to protect vital equipment and ensure personnel safety. You can trust AZZ to provide reliable medium voltage arc-resistant switchgear to best protect your personnel and equipment.

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