AZZ: The Premier Turnkey Solutions Provider in Isolated Phase Bus Management

For any project, managing fewer points of contact enhances efficiency and cost. No matter the business, people prefer turnkey services. In the area of power plant construction and power uprates, turnkey efficiency addresses the crucial question, “What is the total cost for installation?” This question is critical to customers. 

AZZ has emerged as the premier turnkey solutions provider in IPB (Isolated Phase Bus) design, manufacture, installation and maintenance. With AZZ, all of these capabilities are in-house to ensure field installation time is reduced, thereby speeding up construction for lowered cost. 

AZZ serves as a single point of contact for the medium voltage bus portion of the project. Our proven designs of systems and components are recognized as industry leaders, and our wide-range of experience in numerable environments and applications is backed by a warranty that extends a year beyond the equipment warranty, adding peace of mind when you purchase systems and installation through AZZ.

AZZ is one of only two companies in North America with both medium voltage bus manufacturing and installation under one roof. AZZ uses these capabilities to the fullest advantage, beginning with manufacturing. Here we can modify a standard design to manufacture modules three times longer than standard with bolted connections, a vast improvement to field welded options. AZZ can manufacture extended modules because they’re not just designed as optimal bus duct for the layout of your plant, they’re also designed for optimal efficiency in the installation phase of your project. 

While manufacturing is in process, the main support steel can be assembled at the site, so crane time and construction labor can be better coordinated once the IPB modules arrive for installation. By handling all of your installation needs, AZZ ensures your IPB materials make their way from manufacturing ready for installation once the trucks offload on site. 

Once the plant is in full operation, our technicians are available 24/7 should you require AZZ’s full response capabilities for any incidents caused by natural disasters, transformer explosions, and similar equipment failures that may damage the IPB and connections. We understand how crucial it is to restore full capacity once operations have slowed or stopped. AZZ’s repair services reach nationwide and our vast understanding of IPB systems allows us to address issues relating to any manufacturer’s bus system. In addition, as a bus manufacturer ourselves, support material can be generated rapidly to get your plant back on line. As your single point of contact, AZZ can provide a response and resolution within a timeframe that cannot be matched by service-only contractors. AZZ’s turnkey IPB removes all complexity from the IPB portion of your project, and this saves you time, cost, and risk – not to mention headaches.

Kevin Lyons is AZZ’s Vertical Marketing Manager. He lays it out plainly: “The advantage to the customer is multifold: lower total cost, faster installation, simpler procurement and single point of contact. AZZ's turnkey IPB results in fewer parts and fewer connections points. The net result is lower risk for both installation and operation of the bus duct.” 

Turnkey solutions aren’t just convenient, they are your answer to an accelerated project timeline and the need for lowered costs. Take a look at what our turnkey solutions can do for you. Visit us online now at