AZZ RuggedSpec Enclosures with ArmArrest Technology Deliver Superior Equipment Protection

Securing our national transmission and distribution grid is of paramount concern. Recent ballistic attacks and the increasing threat of acts of terrorism on the national power infrastructure have bolstered the need to protect these vital assets with secure and reliable enclosure systems.  AZZ has the expertise and experience required to not only manufacture ballistic rated enclosures, but also integrate all types of customer equipment into the enclosure for optimized security. Using either continuous sheets of hardened ballistic rated steel or ballistic grade fiber panels, AZZ creates seamless high quality enclosures with a robust ballistic barrier from floor to ceiling. Protecting sensitive equipment from small handgun fire all the way to armor piercing rounds from automatic assault weapons, AZZ enclosures are engineered and tested to last.

Safeguarding against a wide range of physical security threats such as armed fire, forced entry, and violent storms, the AZZ RuggedSpecTM Enclosures now feature ArmArrestTM technology.  With products that meet UL-752 Level 4 rating, and the ability to manufacture enclosures with a UL-752 Level 8 rating, AZZ’s RuggedSpec Enclosures with ArmArrest can be customized to meet your specific equipment protection needs.

“Our national security and economy depend upon a continous, reliable source of electric supply,” says David Nark, Vice President of Marketing at AZZ . “Hardening the grid and protecting it from the effects of possible attacks is imperative. Impenetrable exteriors have become a priority for utilities nationwide, and a requirement for some following a mandate for the identification and protection of critical substations issued by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).”

The CIP-014-1 infrastructure hardening standards issued by the NERC stem from the 2014 directive from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) titled Reliability Standards for Physical Security Measures. The CIP-014-1 standards detail the security requirements for enclosures, taking into account the risks and threats to the equipment based on extensive security audits. RuggedSpec enclosures with ArmArrest meet and exceed the CIP-014-1 standards, ensuring compliance now and into the future.

While AZZ offers flexibility and customization of all its enclosure designs, standard construction includes bullet-resistant fiberglass paneling placed in between the interior and exterior walls. This design creates a dampening effect on projectiles which not only protects the equipment within, but also reduces the possibility of injury or damage to adjacent equipment from ricochets. This advanced wall design is paired with ballistic rated doors and forced entry hinges along with security enhancements for vulnerable areas such as HVAC units for an all-around robust equipment enclosure solution. Furthermore, AZZ’s enclosures are manufactured and delivered to site, minimizing the construction and commissioning timeline impacts to your facility as well as reducing overall project length.

Security threats to the country’s vital utility network are real, and along with the infrastructure hardening mandate per NERC CIP-014-1, evaluating security threats and mitigating these risks is imperative. AZZ has been tireless in its pursuit of researching and developing further enhancements to its industry leading RuggedSpec enclosures. These efforts have resulted in the new ArmArrest line of protection for enclosures which minimize damage from ballistic threats and prolongs service life of essential utility equipment. Visit us online at to learn more about our operations, services and team, and how our enclosures can help you “harden the grid.”