Custom Welding Solutions Generate More Value For Energy Firms

Oil and gas companies, petrochemical refineries, and nuclear facilities must often contract welding services to deliver planned and emergency response solutions or repairs. In these highly technical energy markets, not any welding provider will do. Enhanced safety, superior performance, decreased costs, and on-time scheduled completion are all benefits that only an experienced firm can deliver. AZZ WSI has emerged as a leading provider of specialty welding solutions, offering technologically advanced maintenance, repair, and overhaul services for energy markets and beyond. 

AZZ’s Hot Pulse Wire innovation in welding was born out of a desire to deliver both the highest levels of quality and productivity. By adapting Hot Pulse Wire technology to a GTAW welding process and machine control, AZZ Specialty Welding can generate significant gains in application access, safety, weld quality and weld productivity. 

As a total solutions provider, AZZ Specialty Welding is experienced in enhancing value by developing highly specialized processes to meet each customer’s specific needs, even when it requires the modification of current methods or the development of completely new techniques. Our engineers deploy to sites, evaluate challenges, and blend traditional weld methods and automated technologies to give customers better and more efficient outcomes.

Whether working on application-critical repairs or planned maintenance interventions, AZZ’s creative and experienced engineers develop customer specific solutions that are, in many cases, patented or IP protected, providing greater advantages over the generic solutions competing specialty welders rely upon. Groundbreaking technologies, new weld specifications, and innovative applications are all hallmarks of our brand. Through our comprehensive custom solutions, customers enjoy decreased facility downtime, consistent, predictable automated processes, increased productivity, and superior quality. 

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