Dramatically Decrease Gas Insulated Line Repair Times with AZZ High Voltage Bus Systems

Take a second to think about what happens if a power plant goes down. A wide-ranging power outage adversely affects thousands of people. The loss of power can be detrimental to all types of customers, from residential to industrial, commercial to government, and even hospitals and other critical healthcare facilities.

Gas insulated transmission lines (GIL) provide an ideal alternative to overhead lines by delivering equivalent power transmission with a smaller footprint, as well as additional safety and flexibility. With extremely low electromagnetic radiation emission, GIL are safe to run near or even through occupied buildings. Furthermore, GIL are suitable for additional applications such as continuation of overhead lines underground, linking power stations to the electrical network, or as a convenient method of connecting major industrial facilities to the larger grid.

When it comes to the specialized knowledge required to repair damaged gas insulated lines, it is an absolute necessity to partner with an experienced GIL manufacturer for a swift, economical solution to get a facility back online. AZZ has earned a global reputation for expedient and high-quality responses to emergency situations at power plants for the replacement of gas insulated bus.

For example, a recent explosion at a major power plant in Saudi Arabia severely damaged a transformer and a critical GIL connected to a Gas Insulated Substation (GIS).  AZZ responded swiftly and completed the repair in 39 days where a standard repair operation would take nearly 6 months.  Read more about this incident and the AZZ response here.

During an outage, time is critical. Local electrical and construction firms typically lack the product knowledge and understanding of how GIL integrates with key power plant components. Even original manufacturers often subcontract to local and regional service providers who fail to fully grasp the nuances of GIL, resulting in a lengthy repair process. For a successful gas insulated bus recovery operation, it is crucial to partner with a turnkey manufacturer to get a power plant back online quickly and safely following an unplanned outage, saving both time and money.  

Gas insulated lines offer tremendous economic and operational upsides, but these upsides can only be realized with high quality products along with properly installed and maintained equipment. Gas insulated substations (GIS) and GIL offer increased reliability for a dramatic reduction in maintenance frequency. This reduced downtime directly translates to an increase in productive time and reduced operating costs for an increased ROI. Incorporating multiplexed optical cables, GIL delivers an unmatched level of operational flexibility, giving operators the ability to improve data collection and information transfer.  

Poor product quality and improper and lengthy maintenance and repair operations quickly erode these benefits.  

AZZ’s High Voltage Bus Systems group specializes in Gas Insulated Lines, a claim no other manufacturer or service firm can make,” says Kevin Lyons of AZZ. “Gas Insulated Bus is highly customized to a specific power plant’s design and requires a manufacturer intimately familiar with the product.”

AZZ has a history of developing efficient turnkey electrical bus systems to deliver fast and effective results. Implementing proven power solutions for utilities across the globe, and for other customers such as industrial businesses and governments, AZZ has demonstrated and applied its extensive knowledge and manufacturing capability to keep the world running. With over 200 completed installations incorporating 120 miles of gas insulated lines, AZZ High Voltage Bus Systems are equipped to handle any GIL situation.

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