In an Ever-Changing World, AZZ Has You Covered

At AZZ, engineers, skilled electricians, and industry experts come together to create custom-built enclosures for sensitive, and oftentimes expensive, equipment across a wide range of industries. While they started in the power market, AZZ now services industrial manufacturers, the oil and gas industry, and even petrochemical markets. By working directly with their customers to understand their specific needs, they build dependable RuggedSpec® solutions that protect critical mechanical and electrical components.

It may sound odd, but building a protective equipment enclosure somewhere besides the jobsite is both cost effective and time-saving for everyone involved. As experts at installing and integrating customer furnished equipment, AZZ’s team works with you to design and build enclosures that protect switchgear, motor control centers, motor starters, variable frequency drives, relay and control panels, and other mechanical and electrical equipment. Our large manufacturing space allows for indoor, climate-controlled construction of any enclosure needed – even units that are two stories tall. So whenever you need an e-house, we can build it.

Choosing AZZ means never having to worry about missed deadlines or scheduling delays. At AZZ’s Pittsburg, Kansas and Millington, Maryland enclosure manufacturing facilities, teams but also do the necessary hookups and wiring, all before the enclosure is even delivered for installation. The result is a turnkey, “plug and play” solution for the customer.

The real defining characteristic of AZZ enclosures is, however, their adaptability. To meet varied and changing customer needs, AZZ has ensured that everything from paint color and exterior facades to two-story designs and even ballistic-grade reinforcement. Additionally, enclosures can be engineered for reliable performance within harsh and hazardous applications, can be built with stainless steel exteriors for corrosive environments, and can even be delivered without a floor in order to safely contain pumps and motors.

It all comes down to creativity. Having a team that can assess a company's needs and find unique and unexpected solutions is crucial in highly volatile industries.

To find out more about their enclosure solutions, or to see why their off-site manufacturing process is so beneficial, visit them online today!