Introducing the HZALJ LED: Get to know the latest addition to AZZ's LED Lineup

Industry-leading efficiency, flexibility and lumen output for the toughest applications.     

Since its inception, RIG-A-LITE's SAF series has upheld a reputation as the industry's leading choice for lighting industrial and hazardous environments. With the all-new HZALJ LED luminaire, we're taking durability, performance, efficiency and installation flexibility to an even higher level.

Engineered with a low profile body and a wide-variety of mounting options, the HZALJ overcomes space and clearance challenges that competitive fixtures simply can't address. Offering four interchangeable optics options and scalable lumen packages, the HZALJ is an all-around, purpose-built luminaire that works when and where you need it most. 

Unsurpassed serviceability means lower total cost of ownership.

To complement durable design and performance, the HZALJ provides the unique benefit of field replaceable circuit boards, drivers and emergency backup battery pack (when equipped). With a high degree of serviceability, individual components can be replaced as needed, maximizing service life while lowering total cost of ownership.

 Additionally, hinged mounts for easy access to internal components and two safety cable attachment points ensure all maintenance performed is safe and efficient for facility personnel. 

A growing list of standard and optional features. 

The HZALJ provides a long list of features, all designed with safety, performance, installation flexibility and serviceability in mind. Key features include:

  • Low profile body, less than 5” high
  • Interchangeable optics with Type I, III, V and wide distribution options
  • Spring pressure connection terminal block
  • Field replaceable LED circuit boards and drivers with quick disconnects
  • Hinged mount for access to internal components
  • Optional trunnion mount with locking positions in 15 degree increments
  • Two (2) safety cable attachment points
  • Optional emergency backup with switching capability and field replaceable battery
  • Mates directly to existing SAFJ and select competitor mounts
  • -40°C to 70°C Ambient Temperature

Learn more about the HZALJ LED.

We hope you share in our excitement as we add the HZALJ to our application-proven LED product line. To learn more, download product information or request a quote, please click here !