Meet the Facility: AZZ Crowley

AZZ is proud to have facilities around the world supporting our mission to enhance infrastructure on a global scale.

In this series, we are highlighting some of those facilities, showcasing how they fit into the AZZ ecosystem and help us provide you with industry-leading services and capabilities.

Next up is our Crowley, Texas facility, which has both powder coating and galvanizing capabilities.

Let’s take a closer look.


Powder Coating Facility Added in 2017

Services Provided:

AZZ Crowley has facilities for both powder coating and galvanizing services. Beyond the core powder coating and galvanizing capabilities, the close proximity of the two facilities allows for convenient duplex coating of metal products. This is a unique ability in the industry and allows AZZ Crowley to fill a specific niche in the AZZ ecosystem.


Beyond being a one stop shop for duplex-coating, AZZ Crowley is specially equipped to handle very large projects. The powder coating facility’s line features large scale surface preparation and a 60-foot curing oven – the largest in the United States. The galvanizing line is also equipped for large products. The facility features a 58’x7’6”x10’ kettle.

Industries Served:

AZZ Crowley serves industries that require large parts, including agriculture, energy, building and construction, telecom, trucking and transportation.


“The goal that we wished to accomplish (with this facility) was to be able to handle the largest products that our customers could manufacture. … We can handle anything you can ship to us.” - Gordon Briggs, AZZ Metal Coatings Regional Manager

Contact Info:

AZZ Surface Technologies – Crowley:

309 Industrial Blvd
Crowley, TX 76036
United States

AZZ Galvanizing – Crowley:

200 North Beverly
PO Box 647
Crowley, TX 76036
United States

Stay tuned for future entries in our “Meet the Plant” series to see highlights from more of the AZZ facilities helping us provide state-of-the-art metal finishing solutions and more.

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