The next generation of explosionproof area lighting has arrived. Get to know the XHBF LED

Finally, explosionproof area lighting engineered for much more than raw lumens.   

AZZ continues to set the standard for hazardous location lighting options with the release of the new XHBF explosionproof LED luminaire. Now available in a wide array of wattage, lumen, optics and mounting configurations, the XHBF is purpose-built to withstand the toughest environments--while providing the flexibility and ease of service you've come to expect from RIG-A-LITE Products. 

Rugged design meets fine-tuned performance.  

The XHBF LED touts a heavy-duty A360 aluminum body with a tempered glass lens and an industry-leading, space saving design. Additionally, six interchangeable light distribution options and an impressive number of available lumen packages and mounting options ensure the perfect combination of durability and application flexibility.   

Industry-leading features in a smaller footprint. 

The XHBF provides a long list of standard features, all designed with safety, performance and ease of serviceability in mind. These include:

  • Low profile body, less than 7” high 
  • Interchangeable optics with Type I, III, V, medium, wide, narrow and very narrow distribution options
  • Spring pressure connection terminal block
  • Optional trunnion mount with five locking positions in 15 degree increments
  • Two (2) safety cable attachment points with optional eye-bolts

Learn more about the XHBF LED. 

The XHBF LED joins the most rugged and longest lasting line of luminaires available today. Learn more about the latest RIG-A-LITE Products advancement by clicking here