Since its inception, RIG-A-LITE's SAF series has upheld a reputation as the industry's leading choice for lighting industrial and hazardous environments. With the all-new HZALJ LED luminaire, we're taking durability, performance, efficiency and installation flexibility to an even higher level.
Beginning in the early 1990’s, AZZ Specialty Welding initiated the first Structural Weld Overlay’s (SWOL) in coke drums. With aid from partners in the industry, SWOL process was developed as an engineered repair method utilizing advanced techniques in laser mapping, fatigue analysis, and field machine welded execution.
When two different metals are in contact in a corrosive environment, one of the metals experiences accelerated galvanic corrosion while the other metal remains galvanically protected.
With roots dating back to the 1700’s, steam-generating boilers have evolved greatly based on industrial and residential demand. Learn how AZZ's advanced welding technologies have kept pace.
AZZ Specialty Welding leads the way in alloying materials and innovative application methods to achieve longer life in the lower and upper furnace components exposed to the various forms of erosion & corrosion.
It is important to understand that the chemical composition of the material being galvanized can affect coating characteristics. However, corrosion protection typically is not affected by these coating characteristic differences.
Adventure Park, located in Pigeon Forge near East Tennessee, is inspired by lumberjacks and the local logging industry. The park has many family friendly attractions like obstacle courses, competitions, a treetop free fall and rides. The Flying Ox is the world’s first cable-to-rail zip line roller coaster. At 1,000 feet long and 80 feet high, the Flying Ox dominates the landscape of Lumberjack Square.
Because of the significant deposition rates achievable with this technology, justification for repair at sea vs. dry-dock was clear.