AZZ’s Hot-PulseTM GTAW process delivers superior weld quality, increased productivity rates and reduced risk to personnel versus conventional welding methods.
Livestock trailers are necessary in the agriculture and livestock industry. They are used daily to transport animals and can suffer considerable damage from overuse and harsh elements if not properly protected.
Any form of cold-working reduces steel's ductility. Operations such as punching holes, notching, producing fillets of small radii, shearing, or sharp bending may lead to strain-age embrittlement of susceptible steels.
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Corrosion protection begins at the drawing board, and regardless of what protection system is specified, it must be factored into the product’s design.
AZZ’s proprietary GMAW machine welding process is ideal for ID applications, particularly digesters, because of the attractive economics proven versus other methods
AZZ’s internal weld engineering team successfully qualified the machine GTAW Hot-Pulse™ process exceeding the API 934A acceptance standards.
Unifuse Alloy 625 Weld Metal Overlay is changing the paradigm on how the industry will view Electric Arc Furnace water-cooled ducts and BOF water-cooled hoods.