AZZ’s field applied remote video control systems improves productivity and quality of critical welds all while reducing operating costs associated with workscopes.
AZZ Speciality Welding has perfected an innovative solution to an old problem.
The Faster, Safer and Better Automated Approach for Coke Drum Cone Modifications.
This glowing bloom of shoots and bulbs recently won the American Galvanizers Association (AGA) Artistic award, and AZZ Galvanizing - Reno played a critical role in the finished project by fabricator Michael Christian of Xian Productions
Titanium Welding
AZZ Specialty Welding’s machine HP GTAW™ welding technology combines unparalleled deposition rates with superior arc control. Learn more in the first post of a weekly series highlighting AZZ's industry leadership.
At AZZ Surface Technologies, we’re committed to providing you with precise, consistent and durable metal finishing services.
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AZZ is proud to have facilities around the world supporting our mission to enhance infrastructure on a global scale.