AZZ Field Services

With over thirty years of specialized experience, AZZ Field Services (formerly known as SMS)  is a fully-accredited specialty construction company offering ASME and NBIC certifications for a wide range of boiler construction, maintenance and overhaul needs. Our proven solutions for component repairs, upgrades and life extension have been game-changers for a diverse number of industries–from fossil power to waste-to-energy to pulp and paper to refining. Regardless of application, our engineering specialists can create or adapt innovative tooling systems to accommodate unusual configurations and the most challenging field constraints.

Unparalleled schedule performance, safety and quality

Schedule performance, safety management and quality assurance are driving tenets of our service-focused mindset. We understand the impacts of system downtime and approach each project with an unmatched level of urgency. Project management teams serve as industry experts, trained in all aspects of resource allocation and safety management, ensuring work is completed safely and on schedule.

Boiler construction and overhaul

ASME and NBIC certifications for a wide range of boiler construction, maintenance and overhaul needs.

Boiler tube repairs

A cost efficient alternative to replacement, AZZ Field Services helps our customers determine the feasibility and safely performs the repair of boiler tubes without sacrificing reliability.

Component replacement and field upgrades

Count on AZZ  Field Services engineering resources, equipment inventory, and vast industry experience to help plan and execute a successful component replacement project.

Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)

From components and sub-assemblies, to bellows, baffles, dampers, firing systems and monitors, trust AZZ Field Services to safely repair and perform field upgrades to your HRSG unit.

Code piping

Trust AZZ Field Services to design, fabricate, erect, test, inspect and maintain the piping systems typically found in power generating stations, industrial and institutional plants, geothermal heating systems, and central and district heating and cooling systems. Our experience includes decades of work with boiler-external piping for power boilers and high-temperature, high pressure water boilers, including ASME B31 Code for pressure piping.

Emergency response 

AZZ Field Services also has the resource expertise and industry experience to understand your emergent needs and immediately dedicates the necessary resources to make repairs and get you back online. Our proven logistical support team can respond immediately and deploy a deep and highly trained labor pool, complemented by material and equipment resources that are inventoried in ship-ready condition.


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