Quality Assurance

Ensuring that the highest standards are met 

Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) are standard with all our repair solutions, along with EN and ASME Certifications for our automated welding and our fully trained, specialized workforce.

We perform pre-, in-process and post-inspections to ensure the quality of work has been carried out to the highest industry standards, as agreed upon with the customer. Our rigorous QA program ensures the highest standards for all welding have been met and further ensures maximum quality workmanship throughout the project.

Our inspectors produce comprehensive reports of the completed work. Our typical report includes the following:

  • Results of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) activities
  • UT-Thickness and VT prior to overlay
  • In-process inspections during overlay application
  • UT-Thickness, VT, PMI and PT after completion of overlay
  • Out-of-roundness prior to overlay and after overlay completion


AZZ Specialty Welding craftsmen are qualified in accordance with EN 287-1, EN 1418 and EN ISO 14732 or ASME. The work scopes are performed in accordance with the requirements of PED 97/23/CE, Original Design and Manufacturing Codes for Pressure Equipment, as applicable. Our quality assurance program is certified to EN-ISO 3834-3, AD-Merkblatt HP0 (TRB 200), TRD 201, NBIC and ASME U & S. All welding procedures meet the requirements of EN-ISO 15614-1 and 7 and/or EN 288 and TÜV Merkblatt 1156/1166 or ASME BPVC.