Global Capability

AZZ Specialty Welding is  a worldwide leader in developing and delivering specialized maintenance through automatic weld, structural weld overlay, and weld cladding repair solutions that extend the lifetime and maximize the value of assets within the energy industry. With facilities in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Poland and The Netherlands, we are dedicated to providing safe, efficient and timely services to our customers. We understand the complexity and technical demands of this vital market thanks to knowledge and expertise gained from over 30 years in operation. We work closely with our customers, helping them to anticipate and react to challenges quickly, and providing tailored solutions that precisely match their requirements.

A global organization

We have the scale and resources to deliver outstanding support, with projects executed in over 50 countries. Our market reach is widened by the self-supporting and flexible way we operate. No matter where your asset is situated, we can mobilize quickly so you can be assured of the most urgent and comprehensive response to meet your requirements.

We are a service-driven organization where people and values constitute who we are as a company. The way we do business is driven by five core values that represent the essence of our organization. These values are reflected in our culture, aspirations and service, which underpin our interactions and decisions with our employees, customers and suppliers.


We instill a discipline of safety throughout the organization. We leverage technology in our daily operations to reduce occupational risk.


We are dedicated to helping customers succeed in their targets, using our intellectual capital and technology to create service solutions that generate positive business results.


We conduct our business fairly, honestly and transparently, with respect for the dignity, rights and contributions of all stakeholders.

Operational excellence

We constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of services that we provide.


As trusted industry experts, we are world-renowned for providing services and solutions our customers can rely on.

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