Innovation Leadership in Specialty Welding

AZZ Specialty Welding uses advanced technology to empower our highly trained field resources to deliver safer, faster, and better solutions to energy component integrity issues.  To do so, we have created a unique support organization that strengthens our field operations and responds to our customer’s challenges with innovative approaches tp automated welding, structural weld overlay and weld cladding.

Key Core Capabilities

Our materials engineering group employs industry experts in high temperature corrosion, welding engineering, metallurgy, and process engineering who are tasked with working with our clients to understand the cause of their component failures and arrive at the best materials and processes to mitigate the failure mechanism.  This organization has the capability to specify the best materials and processes needed to solve corrosion and structural integrity deficiencies, and in some cases, design proprietary alloys when standard materials are not available to provide an ideal solution.

Our structural team employs specialists in numerical modeling who are experienced in evaluating repair options and predicting the outcome of the repairs on the customer’s component.  Laboratory testing, as well as a vast amount of field empirical data, create an extremely accurate modeling technique for the prediction of distortions created by welding processes including the beneficial, as well as detrimental, effects of residual stresses in welded structures and repairs.  Using these highly proprietary techniques, the team is able to accurately predict distortion and residual stresses that are part of any pressure component repair to minimize risk for the customer.  Many of our repairs actually utilize this predictive information to take advantage of residual stresses to improve the component integrity.  This team is also able to perform classical Fitness for Service analyses per API 579 and other industry specifications.

Our tooling engineering organization, working closely with the expertise of our field resources, designs unique speciaty welding solutions to implement the repair processes we take to the field with efficiency, quality and reliability.  The fact that we design and build our own tooling makes us uniquely capable to tailor our equipment to maximize its utility for a given customer’s geometry and working environment.  In a world where most service providers purchase off the shelf equipment to reduce or eliminate engineering resources, we clearly stand out as a superior alternative.  Our unique capabilities in tooling design allow us to significantly improve safety performance by separating the worker from the hazards of the process.  By creating this distance, we improve safety, productivity and end quality since the tool does not directly rely on the dexterity of each operator.

Regardless of the size or scope, AZZ Specialty Welding sets the standard for innovation in the delivery of field maintenance, repair, and overhaul services.