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Nuclear - MCC Cubicles

AZZ Power Generation MCC Cubicles

Safety-related assembly

When it comes to the supply of MCC cubicles, there are two schools of thought. The first path is to purchase complete cubicles from an OEM and then dedicate them as assembled units. The second path—the one AZZ Nuclear | NLI blazed—is to dedicate the molded case circuit breaker, motor starter, fuses, connectors, and all other components and then build the cubicle from the ground up as a safety-related assembly. Using this approach is why AZZ Nuclear | NLI was recently awarded a $1.6 million contract to supply safety-related Motor Control Center (MCC) cubicles to replace old ITE 5600 series cubicles

Along with using safety-related components, AZZ Nuclear | NLI also uses custom designed heavy-gauge sheet metal, which is more seismically rigid than any commercially available MCC cubicle. We wire the cubicles using safety-related Rockbestos wire and perform fit-up testing on 100 percent of the cubicles in vintage motor control centers. Another advantage to building MCCs rather than purchasing them commercially is the ability to select the best breaker, the best starter, the best of everything to meet the plant’s specific requirements. 

But what really separates AZZ Nuclear | NLI from the pack is our willingness (and experience) to mod¬ify the motor starter by building a custom coil to meet the customer’s low pickup voltage requirements. Let’s face it: there are many companies that can perform CDG on commercially available products. But what happens when the exact prod¬uct is no longer commercially available, or when the closest commercially available product will not meet the customer’s qualification and/or performance requirements? Well, this is where AZZ Nuclear | NLI pulls away from the third-party-dedicators. AZZ Nuclear | NLI’s roots are in engineering, not testing. And AZZ Nuclear | NLI was the first in our industry to begin modifying commercially available equipment and take responsibility for design. Our competitors thought we were crazy, but trails need to be blazed by someone!