Meet The Facility: AZZ Surface Technologies – Garland South

AZZ is proud to have facilities around the world supporting our mission to enhance infrastructure on a global scale.

In this series, we are highlighting some of those facilities, showcasing how they fit into the AZZ ecosystem and help us provide you with industry-leading services and capabilities.

Next up is our Garland, Texas South facility, which provides powder coating, anodizing and plating capabilities.

Let’s take a closer look.


The Garland South facility was added in August 2019 through the acquisition of NuZinc, LLC.

Services Provided:

AZZ Garland offers metal finishing solutions, including both powder coating and electroplating services, delivering corrosion protection to aluminum and steel products. Boasting highly automated operations and extensive expertise, AZZ Garland South is equipped to meet large-scale production demands, ensuring fast turnaround times and on-time deliveries. 


The Garland South Facility provides powder coating on aluminum and steel products, focusing in on speed and efficiency. The facilities powder coating capabilities utilize numerous conveyor lines, augmented by multiple batch lines to accommodate stampings, castings, extrusions, tubing and many other products, and every part goes through either a three or five-stage iron phosphate washer. When necessary, they’re also cleaned by hand. The focus on speed precision gives customers a faster turnaround with a lower cost. 

Industries Served:

AZZ Garland serves the aerospace, defense, telecommunications, medical, transportation and commercial industries.


“For us here at our location, we do powder coating on aluminum and steel products. Powder coating is a free-flowing dry powder. Unlike liquid paint, it’s applied electrostatically and cured under heat. So, the thicker the metal is, the longer it takes to cure, the longer of a process it becomes.” – Brandon Kothmann, AZZ South Garland Powder Facility General Manager

“This (NuZinc, LLC) acquisition adds value and expands our scope of services for customers throughout North America.” – Michael Doucet, AZZ Surface Technologies Senior Vice President

Contact Info:

AZZ Surface Technologies – Garland South:

2314 Executive Dr

Garland, TX 75041

United States 


Stay tuned for future entries in our “Meet the Plant” series to see highlights from more of the AZZ facilities helping us provide state-of-the-art metal finishing solutions and more.

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