Natina Steel

The ideal solution to blend into the background.

In partnership with Natina Products, AZZ offers 'Natina Steel', a chemical surface treatment that provides a rustic brown finish to galvanized steel.  The natural appearance created by the process enables structures such as fences, transmission towers, utilitiy substations, and sign post to blend in with their environment.  The treatment does not interfere with the corrosion protection created by galvanizing.

With a lower lifecycle cost than weathering steel, painting or powder coating, Natina is a cost-effective and durable solution for providing structures with a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.  The mottled, rustic brown color will not fade, crack, peel or bleed and lasts significantly longer than the effects of painting, powder coating, or weathering steel.  Natina is non-toxic and completely safe for the environment.  The recommended application is by experienced technicians in either a shop or field environment.

Applications for Natina include:

  • Transmission and distribution poles
  • Angle iron-lattice transmission towers
  • Substations
  • Solar and wind structures
  • Power plant structural steel
  • Security fences and gates
  • Cell towers
  • Sign posts
  • Light poles   


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