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Padmount Fusegear

Single or Three-Phase Configurations from 5 to 35kV

Industry-leading processes and materials

Powergrid Solutions (PSI) designs, engineers and manufactures power distribution equipment to your exact needs or specifications, using quality materials and processes. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality make it possible for you to install the equipment without worry about failure or performance. Our industry-leading processes and materials utilization insure extended lifespan in any environment or application. The aesthetically-pleasing, durable equipment features welded construction, which enhances security by eliminating potential bolt holes or poor-fitting doors. This level of quality enhances safety throughout.

Product Specifications:

  • Live Front or Dead Front
  • Single or Three-Phase Configurations
  • 5-35kV
  • 200 or 600 Amp
  • Current Limiting or Expulsion Fuses
  • Horizontal or Vertical Fuses
  • Lifting Handles or Rear Barriers
  • Customer-Specified Grounding Provisions
  • Steel Construction
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