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Padmount Primary Metering Cabinets

Safely meter primary voltages from 5-35kV and measure power usage

Assembled and ready for installation

Knowledge is power. With Powergrid Solutions’ Primary Metering Gear, you can safely meter primary voltages from 5-35 kV and reliably measure power usage. PSI equipment comes assembled and ready for installation, saving you time and money on-site. Live Front and Dead Front units are available in single- or three-phase configurations, loop or radial feeds, with 200 or 600 Amp bushings standard, upgradeable to 1200 Amp. Order the cabinets alone, or have PSI source, supply and install Instrument Transformers.

Product Specifications:

  • Live Front or Dead Front
  • Single or Three-Phase Configurations
  • 5-35kV
  • 200 or 600 Amp
  • Indoor or Outdoor Instrument Transformer
  • Partially-Hinged Roof or Fully-Removeable Roof
  • Steel Construction
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