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Proper care and maintenance of equipment is essential to extending the equipment's lifespan

Efficient and effective integration


The value of Powergrid Solutions’ integrated manufacturing process and sophisticated Quality Control System becomes most apparent at installation. Powergrid Solutions’ products are designed and built with installation in mind. You’ll see it in our innovative designs that lead to reduced shipping splits and shorter assembly times. You’ll see it in our meticulous testing programs- in reduced installation time and reduced expense on-site.

As hundreds of commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental and utility customers have found, Powergrid Solutions’ power solutions are designed, engineered and manufactured to lower your installation costs. Lower costs lead to increased satisfaction- and that keeps PSI customer coming back again and again.


PSI stands by its power solutions, with warranties that extend 12 months after installation or 18 months after shipment, whichever comes first. Our factory-dispatched and regional partner field service teams provide emergency service 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Proper care and maintenance of equipment is essential to extending the equipment’s lifespan. Powergrid Solution’s field service agents can be contracted to provide these services:

  • Field Start- Up
  • Commissioning
  • Field Upgrades
  • Modifications
  • Emergency Response
  • Repairs
  • Routine Maintenance and Inspections

Design / Engineer

Customers often ask whether Powergrid Solutions (PSI) is stronger in electrical-mechanical design or engineering. We are proud to say we are strong in both. Powergrid Solutions’ team of electrical-mechanical designers and engineers features engineering depth, industry expertise and broad in-house capabilities. Time and time again, we meet specifications where others take exceptions. Our integrated manufacturing process makes that possible. Because we design, engineer, build, assemble, install and train on PSI products, we have the capability to provide both standard and custom products. Whether you are planning for a new facility, upgrading an existing one or retrofitting your current power transmission, distribution or quality system, PSI will work with you to find a value-oriented solution.


Just as Powergrid Solutions’ power solutions can be customized to meet your power quality, distribution, and generation needs, so too can the training programs that accompany your equipment purchase. Recognizing the functionality and performance of PSI equipment is enhanced for customers whose staff are trained on equipment usage, PSI works with you to develop factory or on-site training to meet your requests or specifications. The operational training allows your teams to learn from those who designed/engineered and built the equipment.


Powergrid Solutions’ commitment to building better products begins with high-quality materials and continues through the integrated manufacturing process. We fabricate, weld, paint, assemble, test and test again, all in our manufacturing facility. Our custom-built facility was designed for this 21st Century integrated manufacturing process. This keeps the entire process flexible- allowing you to choose the components you want and allowing us to manufacture off-the-shelf and custom power solutions to meet your specifications and deadlines. PSI coordinates the turnkey manufacturing process, communicating with you and insuring accurate and timely design/engineering, component selection, fabrication, and testing.

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