About Powergrid

Powergrid Solutions (PSI) is located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin; our business was started in 1982 as Shallbetter, Inc. In 2015 the name was changed to Powergrid Solutions Inc. (PSI) to embrace the wide diversity of products the company produces. Those products range from simple pad-mounted equipment, to 35kV metal-clad switchgear reaching 100' in length.

In 2006, the company built a new office and manufacturing facility. This provided much needed space to handle increased growth and larger projects. Our location in Oshkosh's Northwest Industrial Park provides fast access to the interstate highway system, rail systems and international airports. Milwaukee, Chicago and Minneapolis are all within driving distance. The Fox Valley area is home to a wide variety of engineered products and specialty metal manufacturing.


Our 50,000 square-foot office and manufacturing facility in Oshkosh, WI was custom-built to maintain diversity of products and flexibility. It was designed specifically to accommodate Powergrid Solutions' fully-integrated manufacturing process. In 2015, it became apparent that we needed additional capacity and the company acquired a specialty metal fabrication business named Neumetal, which is located in New London, WI- 25 miles from Oshkosh. The purchase gave us an additional 40,000 square feet of production space, access to state of the art metal fabrication equipment and, more importantly, we added 30 highly motivated and fully trained employees.


  • Welding: 16 Bays all welders AWS Certified
  • Overhead crane operations at both facilities
  • Metals Offered:
    • Mild Steel, Galvanneal, Aluminum, Stainless Steel (3 grades)
  • Laser Cutting Capabilities
  • Turret Punch Capabilities
  • Large Capacity Overhead Doors
  • Shearing Capabilities
  • Forming Capabilities
  • Gang Drilling, Drill Presses
  • Full Paint Capability to Include:
    • C57.12.28 Standard
    • C57.12.29 Coastal


Most companies sell what they manufacture, we manufacture to customer's specific needs. Our entire business model has been built around customization and flexibility. We do the entire process: engineer the product, fabricate it (including cut, punch, bend, weld and paint) assemble and test each cabinet.

Powergrid Solutions' business model has been built on a foundation of five core values. Instilled in every product we produce, these values continue to differentiate PSI from other manufacturers.

  • Customization- With our customization capabilities and flexible, integrated manufacturing process, we develop products that meet your specific needs.
  • Flexibility- Powergrid Solutions' integrated manufacturing process provides the flexibility to manufacture a full range of products, from empty enclosures to complex power distribution and generation solutions. Our flexibility extends to components, giving you the ability to choose from a variety of manufacturers.
  • Quality- Powergrid Solutions' commitment to quality begins with high-grade materials: Mild steel, A-60 galvanneal steel, aluminum or stainless steel enclosures, stainless steel external hardware and industry standard paint. The commitment continues in our quality construction process. Testing is at the core of our meticulous Quality Control System, which ensures PSI equipment is installation-ready upon delivery. Our commitment to quality translates into long-term value for you.
  • Value- PSI solutions are developed with your bottom line in mind. Whether you choose a custom design or an off-the shelf model, the life cycle of PSI products, ease of installation and customization options make them a great value.
  • Service- Powergrid Solutions' customer care is second to none. From conceptulization to installation, our electrical-mechanical designers, application engineers, on-site service and start-up support are focused on energizing your company.

Contact Us:

Powergrid Solutions, Inc.

3110 Progress Drive

Oshkosh, WI 54901

Phone: 1-800-843-0051

Fax: 920-232-8977


Neumetal- A Unit of Powergrid Solutions, Inc.

809 County Road S

New London, WI 54961

Phone: 920-230-1580

Fax: 920-982-5505


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