Bus Systems

Comprehensive high and medium voltage bus system options for a variety of applications

AZZ represents a long history of developing cost-efficient, turnkey electrical bus systems to meet exacting requirements. For global and domestic utilities, industries and governments, AZZ’s extensive knowledge and manufacturing capability translates to proven solutions that keep the world running.

Isolated Phase Bus Duct Systems
Safe, reliable electrical isolated phase bus duct systems to meet demands in multiple generation applications
Segregated Phase Bus Duct Systems
Innovative segregated phase bus duct provides versatile, long-lasting performance
Non-Segregated Phase Bus Duct Systems
Custom designed, totally enclosed NEMA 3R class bus for a variety of applications and environments
SF6 Gas Insulated Lines
Economical long-distance power transmission with superior reliability and a longer lifecycle
Forced-Air Cooling Units
Leading provider of customized forced-air cooling systems for isolated phase bus products
HM Contact™ Systems
Superior efficiency and durability designed to meet high-current requirements
Replacement Parts
A full line of replacement and upgrade parts to support any medium voltage bus system