HM Contact™ Systems

Advanced contact assembly for high-current applications

Featuring a High Mass (HM) design that delivers superior performance and efficiency, HM contacts are an ideal solution for joining high-current contacts. The HM contact assembly consists of a ring of spring-loaded individual silver-plated copper contacts, providing continuous low-pressure contact with the contact elements to ensure reliable, long-term operation.

Highly versatile and easy to install in a wide variety of OEM applications, the HM contact is well suited for circuit breakers and disconnects.

  • Low contact resistance
  • Low cost
  • Minimum current flow path
  • Elimination of oxidation/fretting
  • Low wear ensures long service life
  • Adjusts for angular misalignment/high side load forces
  • Short circuit capacities through 100 kA
  • Continuous current ratings through 8,000 A
  • Custom designs available


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