Solving electrical equipment and component obsolescence challenges for the nuclear industry

AZZ Nuclear is the largest third-party supplier of equipment solely focused on the nuclear industry, recognized as a leading provider of electrical equipment, including breakers, switchgear, MCCs and batteries.

A complete offering of breaker supply options backed by overhaul and refurbishment services
Among our flagship offerings are the exceptional MCCs. We design, build and supply more cubicles to the nuclear industry than all other suppliers combined.
Batteries and Chargers
A premier provider of Class 1E batteries and a complete line of related accessories, including chargers and racks
Custom Switchgear
Reliable, custom switchgear, as well as a broad offering of relay and switch options available for quick delivery.
Motors and Generators
Leading electric motor and generator options for multiple applications
Specializing in the design, fabrication and testing of an array of transformers to meet specific needs of each application
Other Electrical Products
Maintaining optimal electrical equipment through replacement and reverse engineering