An exclusive partnership to offer leading low and medium voltage breakers

Breakers are vital to the operation of nuclear plants, providing both control and protection of electrical components, switchgear and circuits. AZZ Nuclear is the nuclear industry’s leading supplier of low and medium voltage breakers through our exclusive relationship with Schneider Square D Services.

AZZ Nuclear supplied Masterpact® low voltage breakers are quickly becoming the industry standard. AZZ Nuclear has supplied thousands of Masterpact® breakers to roughly one-third of the US nuclear fleet. The Masterpact® breaker requires no overhauls for 40 years (or 10,000 operations), and needs to be cycled only once every six years. Since they are smaller than all legacy designs, custom cradles are designed by AZZ Nuclear and Square D to meet the requirements of each facility. The cradle racks into the existing switchgear without modification and the Masterpact® racks into the cradle. Fleets with multiple OEM breaker types can standardize on the Masterpact® by using different cradles.

With Masterpact® breakers, refurbishment tasks and the associated man-hour requirements and O&M costs become a thing of the past. The cost of a new Masterpact® breaker and the required DCP is less than the cost of most breaker overhauls. Additionally, the Masterpact® PM cycle frequency is six years; maintenance tasks can be accomplished in two to four hours with no lubrication or routine replacement parts required.

For medium voltage applications, AZZ Nuclear supplies Square D’s Magnum™ breaker series. Magnum™ series breakers have multiple configurations to be direct replacements for all popular legacy models. Medium voltage replacement breakers utilize vacuum technology. 


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