Helping maintain reliable MCCs and avoid unplanned outages

Motor Control Center (MCC) cubicles are one of AZZ Nuclear’s flagship products. AZZ Nuclear  custom designs and builds MCC cubicles using safety-related components and mounts these to custom enclosures made from thicker, more seismically rigid sheet metal. One major advantage to AZZ Nuclear designed MCC cubicles is the ability to select the ideal component for the particular application, such as a breaker from one manufacturer and a starter from a different manufacturer.

Many operating units suffer from degraded voltage, a condition caused when many loads are running on the emergency diesel generators during a loss of electrical power. Commercially available motor starters will not function reliably under degraded voltage conditions. Fixing degraded voltage can cost plants millions of dollars, but AZZ Nuclear's solution was to design custom starter coils that do operate reliably at low voltage levels. Complete motor control centers and replacement MCC cubicles are available for all legacy models used in nuclear. AZZ Nuclear has supplied thousands of MCC replacement cubicles for ITE 5600 and 9600 Series, GE 7700 Series, Westinghouse 5 Star and Type W Series, Cutler Hammer F-10, 9800 Series and Cutler-Hammer DC cubicles. AZZ Nuclear supplies more MCC cubicles to the nuclear industry than all other suppliers combined. 


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