Certified chillers to address each plant’s unique requirements

Chillers are refrigeration units specifically designed to remove heat from water. The chilled water circulates and runs through air-handlers located near the rooms being cooled. Chillers may be located inside or outside buildings. Most air-cooled chillers are located outside and water-cooled chillers are located inside.

AZZ Nuclear supplies Trane chillers and has qualified numerous Trane models for safety-related applications. The longstanding relationship provides access to Trane’s proprietary controls software. Trane supplies AZZ Nuclear standard commercial chillers, which typically will not pass seismic testing. AZZ Nuclear often replaces brackets for control panels, supports for cooling coils and other components and may also place the entire chiller on a more robust base.

AZZ Nuclear may make other modifications to standard chillers based on customer requests. One common example is replacing the heat exchanger heads to provide bolted flange connections rather than the standard grooved pipe coupling. Some customers require ASME III requirements on the chilled water systems requiring the entire water side heat exchanger, piping, pumps and valves to be replaced with those manufactured under AZZ Nuclear’s ASME Section III Certificate of Authorization.


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