New fans and legacy fan repair and service

AZZ Nuclear supplies both axial and centrifugal fans. In addition to new fans, AZZ Nuclear offers reverse engineered replacements for obsolete legacy fans or new fans modified to be equivalent replacements for legacy fans. AZZ Nuclear supplies entire fans or spare parts through an alliance with Clarage, a 150-year-old fan manufacturer.

Through Clarage, AZZ Nuclear offers complete fan overhaul and repair service. Obtaining spare blades or other parts on obsolete legacy fans can be a challenge, but AZZ Nuclear and Clarage offer reverse engineering services for one blade, hub or an entire fan.

Most fans are oversized for their application and must be throttled back using dampers. This means the fan is doing more work than is needed and the motor is inefficiently consuming too much power. Clarage routinely redesigns fans to right size them for the application. Redesigning critical fans to draw less power not only saves cost, but may assist plants that suffer from emergency diesel generator power demand requirements. The knowledge and experience normally used to reduce a fan’s capacity can also be used to increase the capacity if needed for power uprates.


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