Flow and Level Instrumentation

Cutting-edge technology for flow and level measurement

Most legacy flow and level measurement used pressure or differential pressure. Most modern flow and level measurement more directly measure the fluid flow or liquid level.  AZZ Nuclear supplies the pressure transmitters required to maintain legacy configurations, but also offers modern technologies offering higher levels of accuracy and reliability.

AZZ Nuclear supplies ultrasonic flow transmitters from Krohne, as well as several other modern technologies. Ultrasonic flow measurement measures the difference in time for sound waves to pass diagonally in the same general direction as the flow compared to the same path against the general flow. This method is extremely accurate and multiple measurements can compensate for turbulence, laminar flow, and other fluid dynamics that lead to inaccuracies.

Krohne’ eleven-pass ultrasonic flow transmitter for feedwater flow measurement is the most accurate flow measurement device available and eliminates the need for flow straighteners. This flow transmitter is ideal for power uprates.

AZZ Nuclear offers several radar technologies for level measurement, such as guided-wave or through-the-air. Radar measures the liquid level directly eliminating the need for density compensation and the instruments can compensate for turbulence to provide a smooth average level. Krohne’s radar level transmitters are also supplied for various applications, including a version specifically modified and qualified for spent fuel pools. AZZ Nuclear worked with Krohne to develop harsh in-containment level transmitters for the new AP1000 plants. 


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