Mechanical and fluid system components for challenging applications

A leading supplier of valves and actuators—as well as other fluid systems components including pumps and heat exchangers—AZZ Nuclear brings a wealth of offerings and experience to support plant operations. With an ASME Section III program in place to ensure all requirements are met, AZZ Nuclear can source difficult-to-obtain equipment and provide an unrivaled range of products for the nuclear industry.

Pneumatic, hydraulic, and motor-driven, quarter-turn and linear actuators for a wide variety of nuclear plant applications
Offering non-safety-related, safety-related and ASME Section III valves from leading manufacturers
Standard and specialty pump offerings that meet ASME Section III and safety-related requirements
Heat Exchangers
Custom solutions for safety- and non-safety-related condensers and heat exchangers
Door and Flood Barrier
Safety-related doors, hatches and barriers to prevent flood-related damage during emergency events
Other Mechanical Products
Manufacturing and reverse engineering replacement parts for mechanical system components