Door and Flood Barrier

Keeping facilities protected and operational with leading flood prevention solutions

The 2011 Fukushima disaster and flooding that occurred in the Midwestern US, have forced plants to reevaluate their maximum water level calculations and take actions based on any revisions. The top priority is obviously to safety-related equipment that may be impacted by flooding, but other important factors include damage to non-critical equipment, damage to spares stored in warehouses and even plant access to operations and other essential personnel.

Walz & Krenzer is a leader in the design and manufacture of airtight and watertight doors and hatches, as well as flood barriers that seal the openings to large buildings, such as the bay doors to a warehouse building. Walz & Krenzer has provided nuclear plant equipment containment hatches as well as airtight doors providing protection from airborne radiological hazards.

The relationship between AZZ Nuclear and Walz & Krenzer allows for the supply of qualified safety-related doors and hatches to be supplied to nuclear facilities. 


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