Strong partnerships for comprehensive pump supply and service

AZZ Nuclear supplies SPX Flow ClydeUnion pumps and works with ClydeUnion to provide pump service to the nuclear industry. A global leader in pumps, ClydeUnion offers single and multi-stage pumps for nearly all nuclear plant applications, including reactor coolant, reactor feed, condensate, safety-injection and more. ClydeUnion pumps are installed in nuclear facilities worldwide and has installed base in North America under the Union and Gaulin brands.

AZZ Nuclear supplies a variety of standard and specialty pumps, including those requiring ASME III certification. Standard ANSI pumps needed for safety-related applications are purchased generically, tested and supplied under AZZ Nuclears safety-related quality assurance program. Specialty pumps sometimes require qualification testing and modifications to meet the plant’s requirements.

Spare parts for legacy pumps can be reverse engineered and manufactured to permit older, often obsolete pumps to be maintained indefinitely. This includes frequently replaced parts such as impellers and wear rings, or less frequently replaced parts such as shafts and casings. Pump parts can be modified at the customer’s request and can also be supplied to ASME III requirements. 


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