A full lineup and size range of innovative valves

AZZ Nuclear supplies both generic valves such as gate, globe and swing check, and specialty valves, such as control, metal-seated ball valves and triple-offset butterfly valves. Valves may be supplied commercial grade or safety-related, and may also be supplied under AZZ Nuclear’s ASME Section III Certificate of Authorization.

There has been a great deal of consolidation in valve manufacturers in the past several decades. Acquisitions often result in obsolescence of certain models. OEMs manufacturing large quantities of new valves for general industry tend to be less responsive to requests to supply one or two obsolete valves for nuclear. With a focus solely on nuclear, AZZ Nuclear frequently supplies valves in considerably less time than valve OEMs. AZZ Nuclear has several alliances in place with valve manufacturers to facilitate supplying valves quickly to nuclear facilities.

Valves are often purchased as complete packages with actuators, position switches and other controls. AZZ Nuclear has key relationships in place with the suppliers of these products and is well prepared to offer complete turnkey valve packages


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