Powder Coating Process

AZZ's powder costing operations meet the highest quality standards

Powder coating is the electostatic appplication of paint to a metal surface to provide protection against corrosion.  The powder coating is applied following a thorough surface preparation, critical to long-term performance, and then cured in an oven.

AZZ's network of powder coating facilities provide a range of surface preparation services, including glass bead, sand, and plastic media blasting, and cleaning baths.  Our automated facilities are equipped to handle everything from small parts to massive structures up to 60 feet in length.  AZZ's expansive, highly-automated and specialized operations have the capacity for high-volume production and fast turnaround times.  With extensive experience and expertise, AZZ consistently delivers high quality powder coatings which meet the stringent standards of the industries we serve, including aerospace, architectual, automotive, communications, and oil and gas, earning us the following certifications and accreditations:

  • PACCAR certification (automotive industry)
  • NADCAP certification (aerospace and defense industries)
  • ISO certification for quality management
  • AS9100 certification for quality management (aerospace industry)