Powder Coat Process

The Challenge:

All metals rust or corrode over time when they come in contact with air, water, salt, fluids, or human oils. For centuries man has been trying to stop the deterioration of metals with coatings such as oils, paints, plating, and dipping.

Our Solution:

Powder coating offers a better solution.  It's long-lasting, chip and fade resistant, environmentally friendly process is available in huge choice of colors and textures and will last for decades.  Proper surface preparation is the key to a quality powder coating solution. The item to be powder coated must be clean, with no rust, oils, humans hand prints, or old paints remaining on the item. A trained professional achieves attractive, long-lasting results when the item is properly cleaned by sand blasting or cleaning baths and then has the powder applied. Trust AZZ to assist you with surface preparation. We offer glass bead, sand and plastic media blasting services along with cleaning baths at our powder coating locations. 

Once surface preparation is completed, the items are prepared to paint. AZZ works with leading powder paint suppliers to provide the right formulation suitable for your project. Powder paint is electrostatically applied and, afterward, the items are then placed in curing ovens.