Nuclear Equipment Services

A certified partner with an unrivaled understanding of the nuclear industry

AZZ Nuclear is the largest third-party supplier of equipment solely focused on the nuclear industry. AZZ Nuclear offers repair and service on all the products we supply as well as many services that are an alternative to purchasing new equipment. Major equipment repair and overhaul services are available for many challenging equipment types such as breakers, motors, pumps, valves, and fans. Overhauling and repairing certain equipment requires skilled and experienced personnel, and often requires special manufacturing capabilities and test equipment. AZZ Nuclear utilizes a combination of in-house resources and capabilities along with strategic alliances with world-class companies such as SPX Flow and Clarage. 

Reverse Engineering
Replication of parts to allow maintenance or re-engineering of components to obsolete equipment challenges
Obsolescence Solutions
Reverse and re-engineering, equipment qualification, solution development and other obsolete equipment solutions
Breaker Overhaul
Complete repair and overhaul services for legacy low and medium voltage circuit breakers
Fan Repair
Axial and centrifugal fan repair and replacement. Reverse engineering of blades, hubs and other components available
Pump Repair
Overhaul services for all centrifugal and reciprocating pump models. Reverse engineering of impellers and other components
Valve Services
Repair and replacement services for all valve types. Troubleshooting, lapping, repacking, outage services
Engineering Design
Design of new equipment, re-engineered replacement or modification of obsolete equipment to pass qualification testing
Equipment Qualification
Complete in-house equipment qualification testing capabilities including LOCA testing, seismic testing and EMI/RFI
Equipment Dedication
Extensive in-house testing and inspection capabilities for dedicating a wide variety of commercial grade products
Electronic Repair and Refurbishment
Restoration of electronics to original condition or sourcing of equivalent replacements