Breaker Overhaul

A specialized partnership for leading breaker offerings

Legacy low and medium-voltage breakers require frequent maintenance and periodic overhauls in order to operate reliably. Most legacy breakers are based on 1950s technology and the breaker OEMs have long since moved to newer technologies. As a result, spare parts for older breakers are difficult to obtain, as are knowledgeable personnel capable of performing the overhauls. This leads to expensive legacy breaker overhauls and often forces certain parts to be reused when they should ideally be replaced.

AZZ Nuclear has decades of experience in the repair and overhaul of legacy breakers. Breakers are typically completely disassembled and the frames stripped and repainted or powder-coated. The breakers are then reassembled using a combination of the old parts and new replacement parts as required.

AZZ Nuclear is the nuclear industry’s leading supplier of replacement breakers, but we offer plants the choice between having breakers repaired or replaced. AZZ Nuclear also offers certain retrofit options, such as modern digital trip units that offer greater reliability and features than the old analog trip units.