Equipment Qualification

Best-in-class testing for operation under worst-case scenarios

Equipment qualification ensures equipment can survive the destructive forces exerted on it from normal plant operations, worst-case scenario accidents, and the unforeseen impacts of natural disasters. Qualification testing may include any combination of thermal aging, radiation testing, EMI / RFI testing, LOCA testing, seismic testing, and software V&V.

Nuclear plants subject equipment to harsh environments. High humidity and ambient temperatures are common, as is the presence of electro-magnetic radiation radio-interference. Equipment that can easily last forty years under ideal conditions may last only a few years in a harsh environment before components need to be replaced. Given that most equipment used in nuclear safety-related applications was designed for general industry, it may not function at all if subjected to the extreme temperature, pressure, and humidity of a loss of coolant accident. 

AZZ Nuclear can perform all qualification testing in-house with the exception of radiation testing. AZZ Nuclear has four seismic simulators, including a very large 12-foot by 12-foot dependent biaxial table and a large 10-foot by 10-foot state-of-the-art triaxial table. AZZ Nuclear routinely tests very large equipment such as chillers and diesel generators.