Obsolescence Solutions

 Long-term support for continued plant operations

Solving obsolete equipment challenges takes many forms. If a plant needs to replace an obsolete globe valve, AZZ Nuclear can supply a new globe valve that is likely very similar to the obsolete model. If the old valve has performance issues, a modern metal-seated ball valve or triple-offset butterfly valve can be offered. 

For obsolete equipment that require spare parts, AZZ Nuclear can reverse engineer the originals – even if they are worn or damaged.

Electrical and electronic equipment obsolescence is far more challenging than mechanical because over time the technology has changed more drastically and the physical size of the equipment shrunk. Another challenge relates to equipment being less robust and more susceptible to damage from a seismic event or being more susceptible to electro-magnetic interference, issues which have become far more prominent.

Whether a plant needs a spare part, a simple relay, a power supply or an entire chiller, AZZ Nuclear | NLI offers replacement solutions for well over 10,000 obsolete components.