Alloy 600 Mitigation

Supporting nuclear facilities with advanced Alloy 600 mitigation and repair

Since the first wave of Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking (IGSCC) related failures in BWR and PWR in nuclear plants, AZZ Specialty Welding, working collaboratively with Structural Integrity Associates (SI) and nuclear industry plant owners and materials experts, has consistently been at the forefront providing innovative solutions to mitigate these challenges.

BWR Intergranular (IGSCC) and PWR Primary Water (PWSCC) are common conditions in the nuclear industry due to the susceptibility of the original materials of construction used and their operating environment. For example, SCC can affect the Alloy 600 welds used in critical locations such as reactor pressure vessel (RPV) nozzle connections, bottom mounted instrumentation (BMI) nozzles, RPV heads, and pressurizer heater penetrations.

The drive to provide our customers with safe, reliable and predictable performance, while alleviating concerns of future inspections and downtime due to component failures has kept the WSI-Structural Integrity W(SI)2 team on the cutting edge of state of the art solutions. W(SI)2 mitigation technology has the largest installed fleet in the nuclear industry with unmatched success.

AZZ Specialty Welding turnkey services and weld overlay (FSWOL/OWOL) include:

  • Design and licensing support
  • Pressure vessel nozzle repairs
  • PWR pressurizer heater/penetration repair or replacement
  • CRDM overlay or repairs
  • Specialty EDM services
  • Water jet peening