Specialty Engineered Repairs

Innovation in automated welding for applications throughout nuclear plants

AZZ Specialty Welding has extensive expertise in areas of metallurgy, welding processes, repair and tooling design, with a long resume of custom tooling and first-of-a-kind industry repair successes. Whether repairing a hot loop pipe in a pressurized water reactor (PWR), reinforcing pressurizer heater penetrations, or peening the Alloy 600 welds on reactor vessel nozzles using high-pressure water jet technology, AZZ has the required expertise in metallurgy, welding, tooling, and process implementation to complete these projects safely. The recent introduction of HotPulse® welding process provides a revolutionary method to further reduce welding risk, increase deposit quality and deliver improved mechanical properties over those offered by conventional manual and machine welding techniques. 

To perform these repairs inside containment using proprietary automated equipment in high dose areas and under strict schedules raises the performance bar significantly. That is why nuclear plants trust AZZ Specialty Welding for highly engineered services that are critical to safety, schedule and quality.


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