Spent Fuel Canister Services

Leaders in canister closure technology

The demand for dry spent fuel storage continues to increase.  AZZ Specialty Welding has been a leader in the performance of canister seal welds since the original canisters were introduced.  Today, with over sixteen (16) successful NRC mock-up demonstrations and well over three-hundred (300) production welds, we continue to be a leader in this important industry area.

With the development of HotPulse® welding technology, AZZ Specialty Welding has advanced canister welding yet again.  Our new process utilizes a modified GTAW process that significantly increases deposition rate, minimizes the propensity for lack of fusion, and enhances molten puddle out-gassing to practically eliminate porosity.  The primary benefit being the reduction of total welding time and dose while actually also reducing the risk of weld failure over conventional GMAW, GTAW and Hot Wire GTAW processes.

Extensive experience built over years of successful projects

  • More than 350 production canisters
  • 30 informal customer-witnessed mock-ups
  • Over 16 NRC mock-up/demos
  • 6 miles and 6,200 pounds of weld filler material deposited with zero rejectable defects
  • Current/recent contracts for Zion Station (65 cans) and Columbia (9 cans)

Broad capabilities and comprehensive equipment for effective spent fuel management

  • Remote GTAW system
  •  Operate 150’ from canister (ALARA)
  • “Dual head” welding system with independent power supply and controller
  •  Remote port cover welding system
  •  Multiple canister designs (Holtec, NAC, TN)
  •  Experienced supervision and craft
  •  NDE services including PT/VT, helium leak
  •  Flexible staffing models
  • Value-added ability to solve unique problems such as performing canister repairs


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