Valve Repair and Replacement

Integrated tooling and seasoned experts for first time repair performance

AZZ Specialty Welding is prepared to perform contingent, planned or emergent valve work wherever and whenever needed. Our repair solutions include seat removal and replacement, valve data mapping, hard-facing repairs (both base metal and stellite), body and flange area repairs, poppet or wedge preparation and repairs. For the repair of Main Steam Isolation Valves (MSIV), AZZ  utilizes a simple setup precision machining and remote welding system. Our proprietary Cylindrical Coordinate Measuring Machine (CCMM) allows for “informed” repairs to valves and long term valve performance analysis.

Our valve repair/replacement service benefits include:

  • Consistent quality results
  • Reduced schedule and costs
  • Reduced dose and improves ALARA results
  • Time is spent on valve repair, not equipment setup
  • High success rate on LLRT’s


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